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NOW SHIPPING! New & Improved ‘Breach of Peace’


Updated August 28, 2018

I’m thrilled to announce that Vanderbilt University Press has published an expanded edition of Breach of Peace in paperback. They’ve let me add new portraits and profiles of sixteen Riders I found — or who found me — after the original edition was published in 2008. I’ve also updated the profiles of the original eighty-two¬†featured Riders.

We’ll have printed copies in hand . . . real soon. Ish. For sure. now! In the meantime, the book’s already generating press:¬†“50 Years After Their Mug Shots, Portraits of Mississippi’s Freedom Riders,” on the Lens Blog at the New York Times.

On the new cover is Catherine Burks-Brooks, a Rider born in Alabama, a student at Tennessee State in 1961 and a member of the Nashville Student Movement. Burks-Brooks was part of the group that quickly went to Birmingham to keep the Rides going after the violent attacks in Anniston and Birmingham.

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