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Breach at the Harlem Book Fair on C-SPAN2

I’m moderating a panel on the Freedom Rides this Saturday, July 19, at the Harlem Book Fair. The panel runs from 6:15 to 7:15 PM, and will include three Freedom Riders: Helen and Bob Singleton, who are featured on the covers of the book, and Lewis Zuchman. It will also be broadcast live on C-SPAN2, as will the day’s events at the Harlem Book Fair. For more info, here’s a C-SPAN2 programming guide.

Helen and Bob Singleton were college students in Los Angeles, where they still live, at the time of the rides. Lewis Zuchman was a college student in New York. As he recounts in the book, he decided to join the rides after seeing Jackie Robinson and Rider Hank Thomas discussing the rides on a David Susskind TV show.


Mr. Ethridge,

You were all wonderful, and I wish I had email addresses for the other three panelists. What an informative and delightful hour (though not a delightful part of history).

Have reserved your book from my library. And maybe I’ll be able to buy one when I’m working again.

Thank you again. If there is any way to reach the Singletons or Mr. Zuchman, could you let me know?

I wish someone had asked the freedom riders what their families thought about their decision today, forty-plus years after the fact.

I’m also sorry that the auditorium wasn’t filled to the rafters, but perhaps most people were outside buying books.

Catherine Podojil, Cleveland Heights, Ohio

Posted by catherine on 19 July 2008 @ 7pm

Sorry, Etheridge is the correct spelling.

Posted by catherine on 19 July 2008 @ 7pm