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Rev. Reginald Green, 1939-2020

“I spent my 21st birthday in jail in Parchman.” Reginald Green went to Mississippi as a Freedom Rider in the summer of 1961 without telling his parents. I never asked my father and mother if I could go on the Freedom Rides, for fear that they would say no. Out of respect I would have […]

Freedom Rider Diary from Jackson City Jail

Joan Mulholland kept a diary of her time in the Jackson city jail. The jailed riders wore their own clothes in Jackson, and Mulholland was able to hide a pencil and several sheets of crumpled paper in the hem of her skirt. When she was transferred to Parchman, she had to wear prison-issue clothing, but […]

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Welcome to the blog for Breach of Peace. Read about the 1961 Freedom Rides, how the mug shots survived and my book. See sample pages from my book.

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