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Joan Mulholland: The Dean of Women Made Me Call Mom

Joan Trumpauer Mulholland was a freshman at Duke in the spring of 1960, and was actively involved in the local sit-in movement, something that she hadn’t shared with her parents until the university’s Dean of Women got involved. In Durham in 1960, we picketed pretty regularly, almost daily, and I was arrested twice at sit-ins. […]

Jackson Academy Honors Joan Trumpauer Mulholland

Joan Trumpauer Mulholland was a Freedom Rider from Arlington, VA. After the rides she stayed in Jackson, attending Tougaloo College and continuing to work in the movement. She participated in the famous May 1963 sit-in at the Woolworths lunch counter in downtown Jackson, which yielded a well-known photograph by Fred Blackwell. Today she’s being honored […]

Joan Mullholland: A Trip to Medgar’s Grave

This is the seventh in a series of posts by Freedom Riders in response to Barack Obama‚Äôs victory (see the other entries here.) Joan Trumpauer Mulholland grew up in Arlington and Fairfax, VA. In 1961 she was living in Arlington and working on Capitol Hill, active with the Nonviolent Action Group protesting segregation in Washington, […]

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