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James Lawson: How the Nashville Movement Kept the Riders Riding

The Freedom Rides began on May 4, 1961, when thirteen people left Washington, DC, on two buses, to test the compliance of Southern bus stations with a 1960 Supreme Court ruling outlawing segregation in those facilities. Their final destination was New Orleans, but after spectacular mob attacks on the riders in Anniston and Birmingham, AL,  […]

James Lawson: Gandhi, Jesus and Mom

James Lawson may be the most important Civil Rights leader you’ve never heard of. He was a leading proponent and teacher of nonviolence, the idea at the heart of the movement’s strategy. He started teaching a weekly workshop on nonviolence in Nashville in 1959. From these sessions would come the Nashville Student Movement and, in […]

Rev. C.T. Vivian, 1924-2020

C. T. Vivian was the old man of the dream team that magically assembled in Nashville in the late 1950s. He was even older, by four years, than James Lawson, the expert in nonviolent direct action and ostensible adult in the room. Vivian was 35 in the fall of 1959, almost half a generation older […]

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