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Breach Video: ‘Why Would I Not Go?’

My publisher, Atlas & Co., has made a video with two of the Freedom Riders featured in the book: Joan Pleune was a student at Berkeley in 1961. Today she lives in Brooklyn and is active in several literacy programs in the city; she is also a member of the Granny Peace Brigade, and has been arrested numerous times protesting the war in Iraq.

Hezekiah Watkins, who grew up and still lives in Jackson, MS, was in the 9th grade when he was arrested trying to buy a ticket at the white ticket window in the Greyhound bus station. He went on to work all over Mississippi in the movement, and was arrested over 100 times. Today he owns a small grocery near Jackson State University.


The video is reading as “no longer availble.” Is there any chance this might come back on line?

Posted by Bartholomew Cadigan on 14 June 2008 @ 9am

Fixed. Thanks for the heads up.


Posted by Eric Etherige on 14 June 2008 @ 9am