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Archive for July 2008

James Lawson: How the Nashville Movement Kept the Riders Riding

The Freedom Rides began on May 4, 1961, when thirteen people left Washington, DC, on two buses, to test the compliance of Southern bus stations with a 1960 Supreme Court ruling outlawing segregation in those facilities. Their final destination was New Orleans, but after spectacular mob attacks on the riders in Anniston and Birmingham, AL,  […]

Breach at the Harlem Book Fair on C-SPAN2

I’m moderating a panel on the Freedom Rides this Saturday, July 19, at the Harlem Book Fair. The panel runs from 6:15 to 7:15 PM, and will include three Freedom Riders: Helen and Bob Singleton, who are featured on the covers of the book, and Lewis Zuchman. It will also be broadcast live on C-SPAN2, […]

‘A Minor White Girl . . . Negro Bucks and White Hoodlums’

Parents of the several Freedom Riders incarcerated in the Jackson jails and Parchman, the state prison, routinely got in touch with officials in order to get various items to their children or simply to make sure their children were OK. The mother of Joan Trumpauer Mulholland (above) wrote to the warden at Parchman, Fred Jones, […]

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