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Archival Documents

Freedom Rider Diary from Jackson City Jail

Joan Mulholland kept a diary of her time in the Jackson city jail. The jailed riders wore their own clothes in Jackson, and Mulholland was able to hide a pencil and several sheets of crumpled paper in the hem of her skirt. When she was transferred to Parchman, she had to wear prison-issue clothing, but […]

‘Black Out Downtown Canton’

Joan Mullholland has shared another exquisite document from her extensive Civil Rights archive. Two weeks ago, I posted her scan of what is perhaps the first Black Power flyer, which she had picked up on the last day of the Meredith March (aka, the March Against Fear) in June 1966 in Mississippi. What occasioned both […]

The First ‘Black Power’ Flyer?

Rider Joan Mulholland emailed me the exquisite document above recently: Here’s a scan of a handbill (from Canton?) I came across in my “stuff” the other day — something I’d forgotten about over the years. I got it on the Meredith March, which I joined at Tougaloo for the last day. It had been folded […]

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