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‘I Was A Freedom Rider’

The Highwomen wrote a great verse about the Freedom Riders in their new song “Highwomen,” on the album of the same name. (On the album, the verse is sung by Yola.) I had all these mug shots and archival footage, so I made a video.

New Footage of the Freedom Riders in Jackson

Mississippi, U.S.A. — a 30-minute TV news report first aired 55 years ago — is a significant new addition to the visual history of the Freedom Rides, and a stark portrait of Jackson on the verge of great change. The news report covered the arrival of the first Riders into Jackson on May 24, 1961. […]

Buses Are A-Coming!
The Freedom Riders Return to Jackson

“Buses Are A-Coming” is a Freedom Song created like so many others: composed in the heat of moment — in this instance in a Jackson, Mississippi, jail cell. Freedom Rider Bernard LaFayette Jr., who rode on the first bus into Jackson, describes its genesis in Stanley Nelson’s forthcoming PBS documentary on the Rides: We made […]

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